Said long suffering husband under siege by said lucky dogs, all of whom are demanding deMontfort's Delights training treats.

Jayne (the woman) and Pete (the long suffering husband) both love dogs, that much must be obvious.  The three very lucky dogs are Mickey, Meg and Minnie, they all love biscuits.  Mickey and Meg came from Portsmouth City Dog Pound where they lived after having been arrested for vagrancy.  Minnie came from Portsmouth Retired Greyhounds where she was in temporary residence after a moderately successful racing career. 

Jayne and Pete have always loved greyhounds but Minnie was the 1st one to come home with them.  The house being far too small to accommodate more than three dogs, Jayne decided that she wanted to be around more greyhounds and so joined the small army of volunteers at the Portsmouth Retired Greyhound kennel as a greyhound chambermaid. 

Jayne's love of food and all things foody brought her round to baking dog biscuits for the family dogs, something which enhanced their lives no end.  However, there are only so many dog biscuits that three dogs can eat and so the idea of deMontfort's Delights was born.  What could be better than to bake delicious dog treats that help raise money for retired greyhounds?