The origin of the name.

 Sir Michael deMontfort AKA Mickey

Long before Minnie arrived, Mickey and Meg had settled into Pete and Jayne's house.  They'd chased several cats, barked at 'im next door (Mickey's bete noir) and bitten a policeman on a bike (one with a sense of humour) 

One evening, when Pete was away, working like a mad thing to ensure that Jayne, Mickey and Meg could continue to live in the lap of luxury (the 'lap of luxury' means they could put an extra piece of coal on the fire) Mickey and Jayne fell into conversation.  He explained that he wasn't just a little stray Jack Russell, he was actually a member of the aristrocracy.  He confided that he had met Meg a long time before their arrest in Portsmouth when he had been visiting a burlesque entertainment establishment in Brighton and found Meg waiting tables. 

It was love at first sight, but it just couldn't be straight forward.  Mickey was thrown out of the establishment over a misunderstanding over the use of the pole.  He thought he would never see the beautiful Meg again but he was determined to try. 

He had many adventures in search of his lost love but eventually they met again when they found themselves arrested for dog vagrancy in the picturesque (WHAT?!?!?!) city of Portsmouth.  There he decided that he would never again use his family name, he would always go by the name of Mickey.  But what? you will be asking yourselves, was his family name?  It is DEMONTFORT.  Mickey thought his family name would add a touch of class to the dog treats and was more than happy to lend the name for that purpose.  We are privileged indeed!