Things that make deMontfort's Delights just a bit special.


There is no added salt or other flavourings or colourings in any of the treats

The meat in the biscuits is fresh meat but because the biscuits are slow baked they dry thoroughly and keep well for considerable periods.  (I found some that I baked and then forgot about some 6 months after baking.  The Taste Testers still thought they were yummy and ate them all)

The meat in the cakes is fresh but obviously, because it's a cake, it will need to be kept in the fridge.  The cakes will keep for about a week, but if you want to keep it for longer than that then cut it up into treat sized pieces and freeze it.

Most of the ingredients that go into the cakes and biscuits are bought from Asda or another supermarket.  It's as simple as that.  Some of the meat comes from the fabulous butcher in Gosport Market who always tries to make sure I get a good deal.  The molasses comes from a local wholefood shop.  



I'll make this admission here and now, some of the recipes are based on recipes that I've found in recipe books.  I adapted the recipes to make them better than the originals.   BUT, the recipes for the Royal Sunday Lunch, the Sunday Lunch Special, the Full English Breakfast Bones, the Peanut Brindles, the Sweet Love Hearts and Jack's Farmyard Feasts are creations of deMontfort's Delights.  Both the Sunday Lunch cakes took months to perfect BUT it was worth it.  The Breakfast Bones were a rather elaborate idea the worked perfectly first time and the Taste Team will bear witness to that. 

Both the Sunday Lunch cakes are made with the ingredients of a Sunday Lunch; roast chicken or beef and fresh vegetables.

The Breakfast Bones contain the ingredients of a full English breakfast including hash brown style potatoes.  They contain plenty of tomatoes which are good for the heart and circulation, tomatoes are often given to racing greyhounds.

The Peanut Brindles contain ginger and cinnamon, both of which have health benefits which a quick look via google will illustrate.

The Love Hearts are a sweet treat that are particularly hard and crunchy.  I don't like to make any other claims besides the treats being yummy but the Love Hearts have helped with keeping the Taste Team's teeth tartar free as they crunch them.

Of course all the recipes have that special ingredient that makes all the difference - LOVE.


The boxes that the larger orders are posted out in have been cut down from larger boxes that were due to go for recycling.  This gives the boxes a second life.  But please remember to recycle them after you recieve them.

All other packaging is recycled, even the carrier bags.



It isn't that I don't drive or don't have a car, I do, but I try not to use it unless I have to.  So the shopping is done using a bicycle - an old Raleigh ladies' shopper with a basket on the front and a basket on the back.  This often means two trips to the supermarket instead of one, but so what?  I think the environment is a bit more important.


It would be nice to offer free deliver nationwide but I can't cycle that far.  If you live in the Gosport area though, I'll deliver your order on my bike.


When deMontfort's Delights first started baking and selling biscuits all the profit went to the kennel, but doing it that way kept it very small indeed - more like a little hobby.  After discussion with Liz, the wonderful woman who runs the kennel we decided that if deMontfort's Delights runs as a proper small business then it should soon be in a position to give a reasonable percentage to the kennel that will be more than when all the profit was donated.  We're determined to make it work!

You may be asking yourself why on earth there is a branch of the Retired Greyhound Trust in Portsmouth when there isn't a track.  Well there used to be a track but it closed down leaving a large kennel with plenty of space for lovely greyhounds awaiting their forever homes.  The kennel now takes in greyhounds from all over the country.  If you want to find out more then please see

All that AND treats that are really fun to give.  That makes deMontfort's Delights a bit special.