The dedicated deMontforts' Delights Taste Team work continually to ensure the highest levels of yumminess.  Thanks to their diligence and dedication, quality control is never allowed to slip.

 Sir Michael deMontfort (AKA Mickey)


 Mickey is the founder member of the deMontfort's Delights Taste Team.  As the founder member he is of course supervisor of the rest of the team and it is his job to be the first one to test any new recipes.  Although nearly ten years old, he has maintained his youthful good looks and believes that this is due to his lifestyle.  His hobbies are; looking for rats, barking at cats and trying to bite Richard next door.  Mickey refuses to believe that Richard is from Lancashire and is convinced that he's a Yorkshire spy and who knows, he may be right.  So far Mickey has not managed an ankle nip but is determined to carry on until he succeeds.  Richard is a very nimble chap!





Bob joined the Taste Team in 2012 and like Minnie, came from Portsmouth Retired Greyhounds.  Bob is a bit 'special' and wasn't sure he'd like being in a home.  What makes him even more special is that his close vision isn't very good so he has to find the deMontfort's Delights' goods by sniff aloneHaving a ready supply of treats to sample and approve has ensured that Bob really does like living in a house now.  He thinks it just about has the edge on kennel life.  Bob's hobbies are; barking at spaniels to try to make them play with him, trying not to get lost and perfecting not walking into things.





Alan joined the Taste Team in 2014.  He retired after his 100th race and very quickly settled into the retired life.  He had no trouble bowing to Mickey's guidance and superior knowledge when it comes to treat testing, however he firmly believes he is by far the most handsome of the team.  Alan's hobbies are, looking handome, looking gorgeous, looking dashing and chatting to the girls.




Jacks is the latest member of The Taste Team arriving a few months after founder member Minnie left for the Rainbow Bridge.  Jacks is very pretty but it has to be said isn't over burdened with brains.  However she does love her treats and so we are all confident that she will make a most hardworking and enthusiastic member of the team.  Her main hobbies are eating things and bursting footballs.