How this name came about.

The greyhounds of the UK are currently indulging in a craze.  It is a craze for HONKTOPUSES.  These giant fluffy octopuses have a big honker in the head and squeakers in the tenticles.  There are photos of greyhounds doing battle with these monsters all over facebook!  There is even a facebook group called 'Da cult ofs da Honktapus dedders'  I bought the deMontfort's Delights Taste Team their own Honktapus, but after giving this careful consideration they decided that it would make a much nicer member of the family, so now it sits in their big bed and is frequently cuddled.

Always wanting to inject fun into the world of dog treats I decided that I would give octopus dog biscuits a go and these are the results of my initial efforts.  The taste team thought they were particularly yummy.

I put the photos on the deMontfort's Delights page of facebook and there was a flood of approval from slavering greyhounds and their not quite so slavering owners.  Whilst musing on the recipes I wondered what the collective noun for octopus was.  After a little time trawling through the internet, it transpires that there isn't one; probably because the octopus is a solitary beast.  Octopuses in the wild might prefer their own company but in the crowded environment of the deMontfort's Delights' kitchen they have to learn to get on and so the search began for a collective noun.

A competition was the obvious place to start and so we had one.  There was some confusion over the 'collective noun' but that led to a better name.  We picked a winner with the best collective noun - 'a DELIGHT of octopuses'  and a winner for the best plural 'HOCTOCOOKIES'.  A lovely greyhound called HARRY CRANKHANDLE won the best collective noun and ALICE (a greyhound) and her new greyhound brother PADDY, won the best plural.

Together these canine geniuses have produced 'A Delight of Hoctocookies' and they all won members of the delight of hoctocookies as their prize. 

Hopefully photos will follow.