You can buy here what you can't buy in Harvey Nichols!



Fletcher enjoying his very first birthday cake.




Winners of the Veteran Dog and Veteran Bitch at the Greyhound Extravaganza (organised by the RGT) with their Biskit Baskit prizes (supplied by deMontfort's Delights)  A lovely day was had by all.

And also at the same event


The Best Bitch  and Best Dog both looking forward to their deMontfort's Delights Goodie Boxes.




Two contestant at the Chichester Agility Show promising to be very, very agile if they're given a treat.




Molly, just about to enjoy her birthday cake.




       A super deluxe biscuit basket 




A selection of personalised livercakes



Gift wrapped cakes




A biscuit assortment birthday present



Flo is a little Jack Russell, rescued in Ireland and now living the good life with her doting daddy.



Jim had been badly bitten whilst out on a walk and needed cheering up.  This cake worked a treat.





A Royal Sunday Lunch for a special greyhound




Sliced Sunday Lunch Cake




After months of research and development, the Sunday Lunch Special finally worked.  The first cake off the production line was a great big cake for the taste team.




Jack, who really loves his Sunday Lunch Cake.




Mickey decided that having finally been given his own huge personalised cookie that he needs to take it somewhere safe - his study, known to everyone else as under the chair in the corner.




deMontfort's Delights provided the prizes for a Portsmouth Retired Greyhounds fundraising dog show.



The personalised Olympic Ring biscuits will be available nearer the time.



Beautiful 'I need a home' jackets provided from the profits of deMontfort's Delights


Some of the dogs getting ready to show off the jackets for the first time along with some of the wonderful volunteers at Portsmouth Retired Greyhounds