A page to remember our friends who are waiting for us to join them at the bridge.

 Minnie celebrated her 10th birthday on 4th January 2015.  Five days later and the day after she'd been enjoying herself playing in the garden she left us for the Rainbow Bridge.  It was as sudden as that.  We didn't know but she had bone cancer and when she woke up completely lame and in great pain we took her straight to the vet.  She was lucky as we had just moved house and hadn't registered with a local vet.  Fate must have guided us to go to a vet a few miles away rather than the two round the corner, neither of which have x ray equipment at the surgeries.  She was given an emergency appointment, x rayed and the cancer at the top of her left leg was obvious.  She wasn't brought round from the anaesthetic.  We were all absolutely devastated and she's leaving very big boots behind her.

RIP Hellroad Minnie 4/1/2005 - 9/1/2015



Not long after I started this website one of the taste team, Meg, became ill. She had some very strange symptoms including fitting and random aggression. After some diagnoses the vet concluded that littleMeg had a brain tumour.  He explained that her symptoms were distressing to her as well as the rest of her family, canine and human, and were going to progress to the point where her life became unbearable.  We said goodbye to her on the Friday before Christmas 2011.  We all miss her.


                                  Having a little scratch                     Thinking about snowballs



Waiting for a yummy treat.



                                                             In hunting mode 




RIP Little Meg